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Who should do ITIL certification?

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ITIL is an information technology service management which has been designed to monitor and make the IT services useful for any business thereby improvising the management and its technical part. ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library which makes all its candidates an expert in the reputed department of information and technology. Instead of doing a work manually, efficient results shall be obtained in a business and management by integrating and implementing network technologies. Also, ITIL certification shall be helpful to the network experts and the enthusiasts who work on the back-end and front-end technologies of a network.

ITIL certification program review

The ITIL certification process involves five different certification levels each of which provides you a particular amount of credit. These credits earned at various levels shall sum up at the end and when it exceeds a particular value you shall be allowed to take the ITIL Expert certification course. The five different certification levels are named as

1. Foundation level
2. Practitioner level
3. Intermediate level
4. Expert level &
5. Master level

Foundation level

It is the basic level of information technology management where the newcomers start their travel. It requires basic knowledge about computers, their working models, and such other basic ideas to under the basic hierarchy easily. Otherwise, there is no strategic qualification to undergo this foundation level course. Moreover, the foundation level earns 2 credits for the candidate.

Practitioner level

Measurements, metrics, focus on organizational development, business ethics and objectives are the various aspects that shall be enlisted at the practitioner level of the ITIL scheme. Although the certificate from the practitioner level does not gain exclusive importance, the credits which are provided to the candidate at this phase shall be of great support.

Intermediate level

This level of IT service management is a module based scheme. It is classified into two types.

I) Life cycle module
II) Capability module.

The lifecycle module consists of 5 papers and the capability module consists of 4 modules.

Expert level

The expert level IT management services provide deep knowledge about the pros and cons of the entire network. Moreover, from the above levels, only if a candidate earns 17 credits, he/she can take the expert training. Additionally, there is an exam called MALC which further provides 5 more credits.

Master level

The ITIL mastery certificate shows that a person is perfect to handle any issues and problems in the service of information technology. The ITIL Master certification shall be provided to the candidate only if he/she has passed the expert level and the MALC examination.

Who can study?

The ITIL training shall be done via online, classroom study, IT institutes, and self studies. All these methods of educating oneself strive to equip the candidate with the immense knowledge about the structure and the terminology of ITIL network. Training on information technology shall be useful to various folks involving

1. Persons who have basic knowledge about the information technology management service and people those who intend to use such knowledge in a business.
2. IT managers and Directors- folks in these elite positions should know about the exact working of the network under their control and hence, ITIL scheme is a mandatory educational procedure for them.
3. Service – Support engineers- They are the persons who work on the issue when a problem arises. Hence, they require ample practical knowledge about the education in this field.
4. Quality analysts – who performs frequent checks in order to ensure the good working of the system.
5. Operation managers
6. Technical support personnel
7. Owners of the business etc.

Apart from them, folks who are interested in learning the technological advancements and enthusiasts who are crazy about the working of the information technology services can also take this course which shall certainly prove to be a great asset.

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